Stomper jr prothesis

Jon — GA Got my bike yesterday, assembled it, made the adjustments and rode. Thanks again for making a killer bike. We lover our new Stompers!.

This thing is SICK. A user may be able to justify medical necessity of such a prosthesis if one or more of these factors are evident: The 3 speed Titanium bike, when is that available. Every time we ride people always comment on how cool the bikes are.

Barry — Mexico Sorry it took me three years to send you a photo…lol.

Stomper Jr Prothesis – 707343

A few people have seen it and were surprised as I was, as we have nothing like this up here. How much is it. Kelly — FL Hello Soul.

Don’t Want to Hop? Stomp Instead.

Mark — CA Thanks Jim, your obviously gonna hate me but you keep sending me pictures of your new bikes. Thank you always for your great customer service. It contains a simple hydraulic control with a push-in manual lock. Ethan — Co Epic. Talk about turning heads everywhere.

Luke — AZ Came in a few weeks before Christmas, looking to put a bike under the tree for the girlfriend. I must admit I was upset when my husband purchased a set of your bikes site unseen from your website.

I just wanted to thank you for hooking me up with the bike. It can be cleaned easily after use and is suitable for all functional levels.

Tim — SC Jim, I have been looking to purchase a bike for a while, but nothing really got me excited until I seen the soul stomper. Definitely going to spread the word about your company and your amazing customer service. I will continue to praise the Soul brand and ride our Stompers proud.

Garin — AZ Real cool and different style of cruiser. Marco — FL Thank you kindly for being so proactive and backing up your product. Its completely crazy the response we get when riding our Stompers. Stomper Joe sells quality loafer, no-show liner socks for men and women.

Our special silicon grip ensures no slippage and we guarantee % satisfaction. Now there is a simple, safe, and economical alternative for all the amputees in your practice - the Stomper TM and Stomper Jr TM available from SPS. Designed for use in and around the water, Stomper and Stomper Jr are the perfect prosthetic solution for use in a shower, at the beach, or in the pool.

Feb 05,  · Parts sources and assembly instructions for adjustable prosthetic stomper. Adjustable prosthetic stomper is useful for. Stomper Jr Prothesis Suppliers – SPS Co Committed to providing O & P practitioners with the products and services they need in a manner that exceeds expectations every time.

Stomper and Stomper Jr. Water Leg Prosthesis. Jennifer Latham Robinson Utilizing a Previous Prosthesis. Many amputees opt to make an old prosthesis a ‘water prosthesis ’ by changing out certain components for more resistant materials, like using stainless steel screws.

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Stompers, Stomper Products. STOMPER JR FOOT.

Water Leg Prosthesis

deleted_user 11/12/ JUST WONDERING IF ANY OF YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS FOOT. MY FRIEND HAS ONE & SHE SWEARS BY IT. Also, I know of one other amputee that has a stomper foot and she loves it for hiking and the beach and all that.

At any rate, I will keep you posted once I get it and use it. I am .

Stomper jr prothesis
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